Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Plant to Love

Hosta Cathedral Windows
Very soothing. When I first started gardening, I turned my nose up at hosta. (What a snotty beginning gardener I was.) Rich, more about him later, was astonished that I would scorn such a versatile plant. But they were everywhere and scorn them I did, daily, for a few years. But now I have some and I like them, just as long as they aren't lined up like soldiers all over the place.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Time to Garden

It's the perfect time to get out into my garden and enjoy it. They just let me go at work after 22 years! "Bittersweet?" someone asked. Mmmm, maybe. Or what about enraged, infuriated, betrayed? Oh, wait. This blog is supposed to be therapeutic. Let's go with 'bittersweet.' (And that reminds me that I want to grow my own bittersweet so I don't have to buy it dried on Ebay anymore.) I have no place for it, but I need it. Enough said. And see, just thinking about putting another plant in the ground is lowering my blood pressure. How about planting hemlock, oleander, deadly nightshade...? Just kidding.