Thursday, September 18, 2008

I don't love roses, but...

This rose is from a bush that was a house-warming gift from Bill and Maureen. My husband dug a hole and we stuck it in the ground. I have been a little superstitious about moving it, though it was planted long before any real interest in gardening took off. I don't treat it very nicely, but so far, after over 16 years, it returns. When I saw this blooming this week, it was an especially welcomed sight. We are cleaning up a nasty basement flood/sewage backup after over 8 inches of rain fell in the Chicago area. We have a mess and had to replace our water heater and repair our furnace, but plenty of people have it worse. We have had wonderful support from family and friends. And we have this rosebush still blooming from the Garritys, 16 years and counting.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Top Shrubs

Pink Diamond Hydrangea
In September
Pink Diamond in October
I love this shrub. I bought it at Craig Bergmann's Country Garden. It was a wonderful trip with my friend and gardening mentor, Kathy. I spent what felt like a fortune on it as it was one of my first big purchases. Now it always reminds me of her and the wonderful trip we had to a nursery that is no more. When I first got interested in gardening, I visited Kathy's house and fell in love with her wonderful perennial border. She had plants I'd never heard of before and I was immediately hooked. Hydrangeas, cannot get enough of them! I have Limelight,(two and I love them) and Annabelle (one). I love my Annabelle. It's lovely in the shadiest of shade and it survived at least two wack attacks from my husband trimming weeds. And one I don't yet love--Quick Fire. It does bloom earlier like the promotion claims, but it doesn't seem very colorful. And finally, I have two Oakleaf hydrangeas. Very nice but would probably be happier in other spots. Hobbs and I discuss this, but I have yet to move them.

A Plant to Love 2

Geranium Rozanne
It really does bloom its head off. I love the speckled leaves as well. I will have to have more of these next year and I need to position them in nicer places.

Garden Dog

This is Hobbs. He's very helpful in the garden, adding a dose of dog therapy here and there. Lately, though, we've been thinking he needs to see a therapist of his own...