Thursday, September 18, 2008

I don't love roses, but...

This rose is from a bush that was a house-warming gift from Bill and Maureen. My husband dug a hole and we stuck it in the ground. I have been a little superstitious about moving it, though it was planted long before any real interest in gardening took off. I don't treat it very nicely, but so far, after over 16 years, it returns. When I saw this blooming this week, it was an especially welcomed sight. We are cleaning up a nasty basement flood/sewage backup after over 8 inches of rain fell in the Chicago area. We have a mess and had to replace our water heater and repair our furnace, but plenty of people have it worse. We have had wonderful support from family and friends. And we have this rosebush still blooming from the Garritys, 16 years and counting.

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