Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Top Shrubs

Pink Diamond Hydrangea
In September
Pink Diamond in October
I love this shrub. I bought it at Craig Bergmann's Country Garden. It was a wonderful trip with my friend and gardening mentor, Kathy. I spent what felt like a fortune on it as it was one of my first big purchases. Now it always reminds me of her and the wonderful trip we had to a nursery that is no more. When I first got interested in gardening, I visited Kathy's house and fell in love with her wonderful perennial border. She had plants I'd never heard of before and I was immediately hooked. Hydrangeas, cannot get enough of them! I have Limelight,(two and I love them) and Annabelle (one). I love my Annabelle. It's lovely in the shadiest of shade and it survived at least two wack attacks from my husband trimming weeds. And one I don't yet love--Quick Fire. It does bloom earlier like the promotion claims, but it doesn't seem very colorful. And finally, I have two Oakleaf hydrangeas. Very nice but would probably be happier in other spots. Hobbs and I discuss this, but I have yet to move them.

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